Solve your brokerage’s biggest CRE marketing challenges


Solve your brokerage’s biggest CRE marketing challenges

When you save time creating materials, properties hit the market faster. By streamlining your process, you can manage beautiful, brand-consistent materials for every listing.

Marketing is a crucial aspect of listing your properties, but creating and distributing marketing materials brings unique challenges. Errors, inconsistencies, and a lack of efficiency impedes the process of marketing listings and closing deals.

Here are the most common CRE marketing challenges for brokerages

  • Materials show a lack of brand consistency
  • Materials look less sophisticated than those from competitors
  • Creating materials is time-consuming
  • Materials may have errors and inconsistencies
  • Getting widespread exposure for listings is cumbersome

Let’s take a closer look at each of these challenges and what your brokerage can do to overcome them.

Challenge 1: Materials show a lack of brand consistency

Your brokerage’s brand includes every interaction people have with your company.

Most think of a brand as your name, logo, messaging, and colors. But your brand also includes the way people feel when they visit your office, interact with your brokers, or view your marketing materials.

Why does your brokerage need a strong brand?

Brokers can leverage a recognizable brand when building relationships and working to close deals. How you present your brokerage also gives clients a sense of how you’ll represent their properties.

Research shows that a consistent brand is 20% more valuable than an erratic one. To create a reputable brand your clients and investors can trust, it has to be consistent across every touchpoint.

Why it’s a challenge 

Within smaller brokerages, individual brokers often work using their own processes and resources. The result? Every broker creates different-styled proposals or marketing materials to promote their listings.

This inconsistency comes across as unprofessional and works against building a recognizable brand.

Often, brokers may be working in different places or in silos as well. Larger firms may face this challenge for entire teams and offices. That distance makes it difficult for them to know what materials should look like.

Simply put, brokerages are missing the resources they need to create consistent, branded materials. They don’t have a tool to ensure their materials have the same look and feel as everything else coming from the company.

What you can do

Establish a brand identity. Whether you are creating a brand from scratch or working with an existing one—think about how you want to present your brokerage.

A talented design consultant can match your brokerage’s unique assets, such as logos, colors, and stylistic preferences to the way you want people to feel about your company.

Once your brand is locked into place, store your assets in one, shared location for everyone to use consistently—across offices if needed.

At Buildout, we devote weekly calls with our new brokerage customers for implementing their brand elements exactly as needed. Our designers configure templates for every document, email, and website so the feeling of your brand is showcased perfectly across every listing.

With access to Buildout, everyone in your brokerage can build consistent materials—and a consistent brand.

Challenge 2: Materials look less sophisticated than those from larger brokerages.

Polished and professional materials build a positive first impression. To attract talent and clients to your firm, you need to establish trust and brand recognition.

The key is finding your brand and owning it.

You can set yourself apart with customized marketing materials and streamlined systems.

Why it’s a challenge 

Smaller brokerages are often competing with bigger firms with well-known brands. Without a strong brand of their own, materials from small brokerages can come across as unprofessional and inconsistent.

More resources and people can help larger brokerages get things done faster and sometimes better. But small brokerages often have the advantage of being more nimble and adaptable.

What you can do

Invest in a unified visual system that lays out the core components of your brand.

When making a flyer for a listing, how many photos should it include? Do you want your logo on every page of an OM or just the cover and section divider pages? What text and font size should be used?

Consistent brand standards can serve as a baseline for maintaining brand integrity and ensure every asset you create represents the best of your brokerage.

You don’t need complex systems to make sophisticated marketing materials.

Once you’ve established a shared understanding of how you approach the details, every marketing asset can convey the same professional look and feel.

Use Buildout to set these guidelines in place and apply them to all marketing materials automatically. By creating automatic templates for your docs, emails, websites, and more—you can streamline their creation and guarantee consistency.

Challenge 3: Creating materials is time-consuming.

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Not everyone who creates a listing flyer has a background in design. You need everything to work together and highlight your listing’s details.

Even for marketing experts, customizing and managing a series of marketing pieces takes time.

When you’re working to get a listing to market, you don’t want to spend weeks creating OMs, emails, and websites. A delay in marketing means a delay in finding the right investor or buyer and closing the deal.

Your team needs an efficient, integrated tool to produce the volume of customized materials you need.

Why it’s a challenge 

When you market each of your listings, you need to create brochures, flyers, a website landing page, emails, and more. The number of property details across those materials can be enormous.

If one of those pieces changes, like an updated price per square foot, each corresponding material needs updating as well. It's a time-consuming and tedious process to make that change in all those different places.

What you can do

Scale your CRE marketing efforts with a tool that integrates all the materials you need. Every year, more than 70,000 brochures, 25,000 flyers, and 20,000 proposals are created using Buildout.

Details that would take hours to customize for each listing are incorporated almost instantly.

When you save time creating materials, properties hit the market faster. By streamlining your process, you can manage beautiful, brand-consistent materials for every listing.

Brokers can stop creating materials themselves and spend more time strengthening client and prospect relationships.

And your CRE marketing can shift focus from backlogged production to new strategies for promoting your brokerage and listings.

Challenge 4: Materials have errors and inconsistencies.

The materials your brokerage shares must be accurate and professional. Potential clients have to be able to rely on the information you’re sharing to see your brokerage as reputable. To guarantee polished and error-free materials, you need a process that promotes accuracy and consistency.

Why it’s a challenge 

When you're trying to create materials under a time crunch, it can often lead to errors. It's time-consuming trying to enter data and update materials one-by-one. But as you try and scale your marketing efforts, new processes can cause inconsistencies.

Materials that include the wrong information or typos won't portray the professionalism and trust you need to close deals.

What you can do

Your brokerage could hire a professional proofreader, or you could try to carve out more time in your day to review materials. But for many firms, those options aren’t workable from a budget, process, or time standpoint.

A better solution? Reduce the chances for human error by using a tool that automatically updates your materials.

Use one data entry point that maps across all your documents to ensure accurate and consistent information. With Buildout, your documents are live links. That means you can update one detail in the dynamic form and it’s automatically populated across all platforms.

Challenge 5: Getting widespread exposure for listings is cumbersome.

Maximizing listing exposure is a challenge for brokerages of all sizes, but it’s an essential part of marketing your properties.

Once you’ve created the best marketing materials, you need a way to distribute them effectively to get the widest exposure and close deals. 

Why it’s a challenge 

Creating materials is one part of the CRE marketing process, but the next step—sharing those materials with the right people—is critical. Distribution can prove challenging even when you have a set process for creating materials.

Listing exposure can be a pain without a streamlined process for juggling so many CRE marketing channels. To broadcast your listings, you need to send out emails, add them to listing sites, and share with partners. Then once a property closes and needs to come off-market, you have to manually remove them from each of the marketplace sites.

What you can do

Use Buildout’s mass email campaign features to pull in your property data and showcase listings without redundant data entry or manual work. Additionally, leverage metrics, like open and click rates, to be strategic about your email marketing efforts.

Buildout also includes a centralized syndication tool to distribute listing information to a wider audience of buyers. This allows you to input data in one place and automatically push listings out to different online marketplaces.

Implementing these types of systems will create efficiencies to get your properties to market faster.

Do you have any of these CRE marketing challenges?

You’re not alone. We build technology that helps brokerages around the country overcome these challenges. If your brokerage could benefit from an integrated tool like Buildout, reach out to our team.

We can help you build a strong brand, create professional marketing materials, boost process efficiencies, and maximize listing exposure.