Maintaining consistent branding for NAI Global brokerages


Maintaining consistent branding for NAI Global brokerages

Not only should your branding be consistent, but it should represent the professionalism your firm will bring to your clients—and the level of excellence expected of the NAI Global organization.

The things that drive potential clients and brokers to an NAI Global firm are its niche area of expertise, the individual reputations and relationships of its brokers, and how it stands out from others in its market.

Those are all communicated through branding. Your brand is not only the NAI Global color scheme and logo—but also how people feel when they think of your individual company.

To invoke positive impressions of your firm, attract clients, and retain brokers, fulfilling the NAI Global brand is necessary. Maintaining the NAI Global brand consistently is a new challenge as your firm takes on more brokers and expands its business.

So how do you do it and reap the benefits?

  • Ensure consistency across materials
  • Highlight your firm’s professionalism

Read on to learn more about how you can achieve these goals.

Ensure consistency across materials

Create a style guide for language and imagery

The first step to ensuring consistency across your firm’s marketing materials is having a clear style guide for all brokers and marketers to follow.

Following standards set for the NAI Global organization can help outline the fonts, colors, templated language, and any logos and other information your team should use across all print and web materials.

But your guidelines should cover your firm’s unique approach to your brand as well.

Everything from the number of photos included in offering memorandums to the structure and length of property descriptions in brochures can help clients receive the same level of experience no matter how many times they work with your firm.

Implement tools to help brokers use the same brand guidelines

A CRE marketing software like Buildout makes it easy for all brokers at your firm to develop proposals, OMs, and any other materials within your firm’s brand guidelines. This helps limit variabilities across materials that can result in confusion among potential clients, and ensure repeat clients know exactly what to expect when they work with your firm.

When using Buildout, we’ll work to ensure that your brand is up-to-date and ready-to-use in our system. If you haven’t established your firm’s brand guidelines or don’t have a style guide in place, our team will help you to create them and set them in motion.

With your brand guidelines set up in Buildout, you can guarantee consistency across docs, emails, property websites and more—no matter who on your team is creating them.

Highlight firm professionalism

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Develop a unique identity for your firm

Your brand is the first thing potential clients learn about your brokerage. They may view a misaligned brand as a sign of antiquated processes and business practices.

While the earned recognition and quality of the NAI Global brand can boost your reputation, you still have to set expectations in your own market with each and every deliverable.

So, not only should your branding be consistent, but it should represent the professionalism your firm will bring to your clients—and the level of excellence expected of the NAI Global organization.

Buildout document templates are designed in your brand to ensure beautiful, consistent marketing materials in an instant

Stand out from other firms

It should go without saying that CRE is an extremely competitive industry, and standing out from your competition is extremely important. When represented well, the power of the NAI Global brand can help you do just that.

The way you present your brand can show prospective clients what you can do for their properties, especially in proposals.

With Buildout, proposals feature sample property marketing materials that demonstrate to owners the high-quality flyers, brochures, OMs, emails, and websites your firm can create. This allows your firm to stand out in the proposal process and improve your win ratio.

If you’re interested in learning more about steps you can take to address your brokerage’s challenges, read our resource on how to integrate data systems at your firm by maintaining a brokerage-wide listing database and using tools with API integrations.