press release

Buildout announces imbrex as latest marketplace integration

press release

Buildout announces imbrex as latest marketplace integration

April 25, 2019

CHICAGO, IL--Buildout has partnered with imbrex, a real estate marketplace where agents and brokers are the sole owners of their leads, listings, and transaction data. By syndicating listings to imbrex, users can market to a global audience and efficiently transact from listing to close.

“We want our customers to leverage entering their property information once for the most value possible,” said Vishu Ramanathan, CEO of Buildout. “imbrex gives our users the opportunity for a whole new level of connection with their data.”

With Buildout, brokers can maximize their time by streamlining their marketing processes. Automated, brand-consistent documents, emails, and property websites ensure clients’ properties are always represented beautifully so teams can focus on connecting with potential buyers and investors. More time marketing with Buildout means more time for brokers making deals.

“We are thrilled to sign imbrex on as a new syndication partner to Buildout. Buildout's solid reputation and outstanding quality have earned them the top spot in CRE marketing,” said Stephen King, imbrex Founder and CEO. “Like Buildout, imbrex's objective is to make the transaction more efficient for brokerages and agents. By offering tools like data ownership, deal transparency, and transaction processing, we can empower the real estate industry to take full control over their digital businesses.”

imbrex’s offerings provide agents and brokers with a secure platform where they can target leads, control their data and transact. Escrow Commons, imbrex’s transaction room, offers a secure, transparent environment where all parties to a transaction can submit offers and exchange documents securely and privately.

About imbrex

imbrex is a global, community-owned, end-to-end real estate platform where users can take property from listing to settlement. On imbrex, users maintain ownership and control of their data throughout the entire transaction process with security and transparency. To learn more visit

about Buildout

Buildout is the only commercial real estate software developed for the entire brokerage. Since launching in 2010, Buildout has pioneered the leading marketing solution for CRE—now, Buildout Elite is applying that power to the rest of the brokerage with Database, Marketing Projects, and Back Office tools. Developed in direct conversation with customers, Buildout Elite allows brokerages to bring their expertise to every stage of their deals with all from within one platform.

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