Fun Fridays, free lunch and all the ping-pong you can handle. All in a days work.

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Buildout is a Chicago-based software company founded in 2010. It provides the leading end-to-end solution for marketing commercial real estate listings. Buildout has worked with companies across the country to build a system specifically around the ways CRE works providing easy-to-use tools for producing and publishing marketing materials and streamlining the entire property listing process. The company strives to assist brokerages create stunning marketing, quickly and efficiently to free up time to run your business.


We want you to stay healthy so we give you a full Blue Cross Blue Shield healthcare package. Medical. Dental. Vision. All on day one.

401K plan

We want our team members to retire happy, so we encourage saving by giving you a great foundation.

Paid time off

Run with bulls in Spain. Sail across the Pacific. Staycation in Chicago. We want our employees to be rested, recharged, and happy.

Lunch on us

We cover your lunch everyday. And with plenty of Chicago's great restaurants to choose from, you never get tired of what's for lunch.

Buildout gear

Rep Buildout wherever you go with some serious swag—t-shirts, snapbacks, and more. You'll never have an empty closet again!

Fun environment

We like to make sure our office is a place you want to come to everyday, so we keep the vibe casual and fun. So feel free to take a ping pong break.

Chicago, IL